Let’s Go to the Mall (Today)!

Via SnapChats
Scrill: Hey, got done with that birthday dinner early. Want to hang out? Girls night?!?
Me: Sure, come pick me up
Scrill: I’ll be there in 15 minutes

In person-
Scrill: You aren’t dressed. Go change. I’m not wearing scrubs for once.
Me: Fine.
Scrill: So whatcha wanna do today?
Me: Well the library’s closed….We could go to Barne’s and Noble. OH WAIT…..DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A NEW LIBRARY AT THE MALL?!?



**OBVS we are 90 years old since this is how we spend our dressed up Saturday night. Maybe we should invest in a walker with tennis ball feet**












Ever go shopping with someone and wish you could be checking out a book instead? Now you can! Woot woot.

Introducing The BookEnd!! Our very own Spokane County Library now has a location in the Spokane Valley Mall right by Macy’s. It opened June 17th and we finally got to check it out. It is small, but has many of the currently popular books showcased (so long as it isn’t already checked out). It still features many of the other perks of the library besides just books too. It has a computer area and a sitting area perfect for taking a break from all that shopping to rest and read. As a library location you can also still request books to be transferred to that location for hold & pickup. Best of all – mall hours. Need I say more?


Scrill and I opted to start another buddy read, this time Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer with a joint review to come once we are finished.

Happy reads ya’ll



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