Left Coast Visit 1.1

So I have been putting this post off for a while because I am just lazy. But it’s officially “sweater weather” season and despite it being my favorite time of the year I find myself pining for warmer weather. I know #firstworldproblem am I right? So I write this to you all from the comforts of my wood stove heated home, curled in fleece blankets with my dog, Trogdor, snoozing next to me.

This last Labor Day weekend I made the short trip (about 5ish hours) over to the left side of the state to visit some family. After living over there, I decided rather quickly that I pretty much hated it. Fortunately there are still a few gems about the Emerald City and surrounding area that I particularly like.

First, you should probably know that I am a huge 10 Things I Hate About You fan. If you too are a fan, you will probably recognize the first two locations.

IMG_7272Seattle(Fremont) – The Fremont Troll


Guys this little gem is literally a troll under a bridge. He can be found in Freemont (duh) underneath the N 36th Street/George Washington Memorial Bridge on little ol’ Troll Ave. **Insert me singing the troll toll song that Danny Devito sings in Always Sunny in Philadelphia. **

When you visit:

Plan on parking a few blocks away, as this is an actual residential area. I hope you’re good at parallel parking in tight spots on a hill. Because that’s what you will probably end up doing. I would avoid the weekend when everyone and their mom is off work to visit, because even during the mid-afternoon on a weekday there were plenty of people clambering about the monument preventing a ‘good’ picture. To be honest, there really isn’t much else to do there except see the monument, so make sure you have another purpose in Fremont such as eating or something of the sort, because really, why else would you go there?

Eats I recommend:

Stone Way Café.


This little gem is bigger than it appears from the outside. It has great coffee at a reasonable price. The vibe inside is welcome with plenty of seating and plenty of natural lighting. I got this horchata spice latte and it was fantastic. This little café has more than just coffee.  If you’re hungry they have food as well as beer/cider/wine.


Downtown Tacoma-Stadium High School


This is the iconic location that all the high school scenes from 10 TIHAY was filmed. It’s not your average looking high school with its fantastic architecture. Yes, I go down there just to appreciate the building. Fans, imagine Heath Ledger singing on those cement risers on the side of the field *swoon*.

When you visit:

Since this is a downtown location, if you drive please keep in mind that you’re going to be limited on where to park – I hope you like hills and parallel parking. Bring your walking shoes, and hope you visit on a day with “perfect” outdoor weather. If you’re like me, all that walking requires the need for a treat.

 Eats I recommend:


Shake Shake Shake.


No joke, that’s what the place is called, and believe it, they have fantastic shakes. The day we went they were offering fresh blackberry shakes, which was delicious but beware of those seeds. I also take advantage of anytime I can get caramel flavored items, so I opted for a salted caramel – again, incredibly delicious. This retro location has quirky décor all the way into the bathroom, so make sure to use the pit stop just to see. 

Seattle – Pioneer Square


IMG_7165This little corner of downtown Seattle is just a neat little area with a lot of really cool old buildings. There’s a neat little are where you can literally just hang out and play games. Challenge your friends to a tournament of ping pong, corn hole, foosball, etc.

 When you visit:

Don’t even bother driving into downtown. Parking downtown is the worst. Navigating the narrow streets and then finding parking is such a waste of time. My advice? Park somewhere on the outskirts and hoof/bus/uber/train it in. Really, Seattle Metro & Sound Transit is pretty convenient, so long as you know where you’re going & which route you need to take.

Eats I recommend:

IMG_7155BRGR Bar.


This little hole in the wall is low key, with good burgers and drinks. I had this super PB&J and Bacon burger that was ridiculously delicious. Something about the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness from the jelly was perfection. Now while their seasoned waffle fries aren’t anything to write home about, they were still super yummy for my tummy.

I have no idea what was in my drink or what it was called, but it was super sweet & sour without being overbearing. Think liquefied Sourpatch Kids that doesn’t get old before you finish the drink.

Overall – good food, good drinks and a super chill atmosphere with reasonable dinner prices makes a great place to haunt while you watch whatever sporting event happens to be on T.V.  when you visit.


Happy eating & sight seeing guys!

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Let’s Go to the Mall (Today)!

Via SnapChats
Scrill: Hey, got done with that birthday dinner early. Want to hang out? Girls night?!?
Me: Sure, come pick me up
Scrill: I’ll be there in 15 minutes

In person-
Scrill: You aren’t dressed. Go change. I’m not wearing scrubs for once.
Me: Fine.
Scrill: So whatcha wanna do today?
Me: Well the library’s closed….We could go to Barne’s and Noble. OH WAIT…..DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A NEW LIBRARY AT THE MALL?!?



**OBVS we are 90 years old since this is how we spend our dressed up Saturday night. Maybe we should invest in a walker with tennis ball feet**












Ever go shopping with someone and wish you could be checking out a book instead? Now you can! Woot woot.

Introducing The BookEnd!! Our very own Spokane County Library now has a location in the Spokane Valley Mall right by Macy’s. It opened June 17th and we finally got to check it out. It is small, but has many of the currently popular books showcased (so long as it isn’t already checked out). It still features many of the other perks of the library besides just books too. It has a computer area and a sitting area perfect for taking a break from all that shopping to rest and read. As a library location you can also still request books to be transferred to that location for hold & pickup. Best of all – mall hours. Need I say more?


Scrill and I opted to start another buddy read, this time Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer with a joint review to come once we are finished.

Happy reads ya’ll